As some of you may know, or not, my previous job was with wheelchairs and mobility equipment.  Yes, I sold wheelchairs.  I worked in Canada for the largest medical equipment supplier and had access to almost any type of medical equipment needed (for wheelchairs and basic mobility aids).  It is a very interesting industry and let me tell you…a wheelchair is not just a wheelchair.  Yes, it has 4 wheels and rolls around, but it is much more complex than just that.

I will try my best to write about the subjects independently and hope one day that this blog will serve as an information portal for people out there who need to know about medical equipment, how to access it (funding) and some basics on why this equipment is necessary.  And even for those that do not need equipment yet, if you have aging parents or a natural curiosity about things, please do come back and look for updated posts.  I believe that everyone should have a basic understanding about the importance of a good wheelchair and safe access to the environment.