On a jet plane....to SINGAPORE

I’m sitting on the airplane, with a sleeping baby on me while eating the best sourdough bread ever, when it hits me; the excitement. I’m finally excited to peruse the streets of Singapore and find out what wonderful tales we will weave of this adventure.

He’s gently snoring, she’s busy shoving an ice cream cookie in her face and my other half is enjoying the finesse of business class. I’m content; happy even, and excited.

Well that moment last, a MOMENT. Nicholas promptly woke. Chloe started to complain, but notably she quickly fell asleep curled up in her oversized chair, and R sat watching his movie completely oblivious to the impending ticking time bomb I had on my lap.

Overall the flight was good. My first experience of business class will make it difficult to return to the normalcy of airline travel; back in the sardine pack. No leg room and no menu choice. How did I survive before?

We cleared customs and collected our 12 pieces of luggage (that’s not including the 7 pieces of carry-on & the pram we had). The whole process was so civilized and efficient that I thoroughly enjoyed my least favourite element of air travel. R’s Uncle collected us in a taxi van and brought us to our Airbnb. What a nice guy. I’m certain he couldn’t appreciate beforehand just how much luggage we were traveling with, despite the warning.  Not sure anyone could be prepared for what we brought.

I wish we had taken a photo as it really was ridiculous. Maybe when we finally move from the Airbnb to our new place I can recapture the silliness of it.  I did capture a portion of the items that came with us while I was packing.

Packing to move

It’s morning, I’m not impressed to be awake at whatever hour it is. Chloe and I shared a bed with her stuffies, and they probably had the best sleep out of us all. Between fighting for my place in the bed and Chloe stealing the covers of warmth, I had a sore throat and stuffy head. My eyes revolted at the waking process and my brain starting screaming, “get out of here! This isn’t what I bargained for!” The feeling of nostalgia rose deep in my heart and I wanted to be waking up in our bed with the sound of waves crashing around me. The reality that this is our new chapter really sank in. And when I woke I really wasn’t certain I appreciated what I was getting myself into by moving.

Alas here we are. In Singapore.

View View to the right from our Airbnb condo

Stay tuned for more of this story. Please join me on the journey


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