So, you may wonder why I have started a blog.  It began quite simply actually.  Randal made a comment Friday night and  on Sat. morning I took action.  The idea of starting a blog had been swishing around in my head for a few weeks so the concept had been digesting for a bit.  What was this comment that made me act with such speed?

The people who talk about their plan(s) are less likely to follow through with them.  Huh!  Immediately I dismissed this idea, but when I stopped feeling like it was a personal stab I agreed.  Obviously I felt it personally because I AM one of those people that ‘talks’ about their plans and I do not always go through with them.  For example, after completing my Bachelor’s degree I decided that I should go on and become further educated.  I was going to do law!  I called my mom and told her, she told her sisters and what do you know…I am NOT a lawyer!

So why does this happen?  Research says when we announce our intentions it “satisfies your self-identity just enough that you’re less motivated to do the hard work needed”.

What else prevents us from allowing our intentions to become realities?  If we have success in one sub-goal then we feel a sense of accomplishment and therefore we actually do not put the needed effort in on other sub-goals that are just as important.  Here is a classic example of something I do:

I want to get healthy (the goal) so I decided to get back into running (one sub-goal) but get side tracked telling myself I need a new pair of runners to be able to run (this becomes a sub-goal), right!  But really, who doesn’t love a new pair of runners?  Because I have these new runners I feel less motivated to actually go running because I have made at least a third of the effort in my running regime.  Ha!  Funny but totally true – thanks Randal!

In short, keep your plans to yourself!  As well, to increase the likelihood of being successful it helps if you make a list of your goals so you can keep on track.  It is reported that people that write down their goals are more likely to complete them.   This is just some food for thought.  See the link below for a direct article on the subject as well as some information on studies that have been around for eons, since 1933.

Make you feel better that you are not alone with this habit?  The good thing is, now that you are aware of this phenomenon you can prevent it from running your life and restricting your actions.  Best of luck with your plans but I do not want to hear about them until you have succeeded!

To all of us that like to “talk” about our plans, stop and think about sharing it next time if you really want to have your plan come to fruition!

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  • Randal says...

    Wow! Rachelle actually listened to something said and I didn’t get in trouble. Happy days.

  • Maria says...

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked browsing your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  • Tanya Landman says...

    The second I read your thesis line I had an instantaneous urge to respond as I am in utter agreement with Randal. I have often made the same comment although I can’t say with the same assurance that I commonly follow my own advice as those who know me know I love to talk. I do find, however, that when I keep a goal to myself I am much more likely to follow through. It’s almost nice to having a little “secret” all to yourself. This goal can be anything from planning a trip to watching what I eat. I find the second I make myself accountable to others when I’m in the “dieting” process then I beat myself up that much harder when I fall off track. Being an all or nothing person this can have a detrimental effect.
    Thanks Rachelle for your insightfulness. I appreciated your supplementing your blog with research. By the way, one question, did you “tell” Randal you were going to write a blog on his comment or did you just up and do it?

  • Victoria says...

    Thanks Rachelle, for giving me that extra little kick in the pants I’ve been needing for awhile. I now have my very own first blog post to share:

  • Sabrina Nichols says...

    I agree and I disagree with this theory! I truly believe that sharing ones dreams can create a reality! Painting a picture like a vision board somehow some way brings your dreams to become the things you want in life, it is all about intentions. writing down the top 5 priorities in your life can really branch you out. To start, write down 20 or more of the most important things…. Health, Family, Charities, Travel, Financial Security etc…. then group them accordingly into 5 or more groups bases on priority then find a picture that really speaks to you. Cut and paste them and voila you have a vision board with your top priorities in life! When you look at them everyday and share them with others you also allow them to bring forth these realities, they might come across something that reminds them of you and in return could bring you closer to your dreams. Sit down with a friend or loved one each night and share to keep them current, they can change as often as you like. Before you know it you will be checking things off your list and adding new ones. It has worked for me, but I say do whatever works for you! Great Blog Rachelle! I truly enjoyed the read. xo S.

  • whateverblondie says...

    Thanks Sabrina for your insightful comments. Yes, I do agree with you as well that by keeping a list and sharing with a loved one can help bring your plans/dreams into reality. Some of us though are “talkers” and for those people part of feeling the success can be the verbilisation of the plan. Perhaps I will give your suggestion a go and see how that works. First I have to figure out my goals!

  • Big Sis says...

    In the words of Wayne Gretzky the Great….”We miss 100% of the shots we don’t take!!!”

    Good job for taking the shot Rachelle, you score 100%


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